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All MHS students create an Indvidual Career & Academic Plan (ICAP) with their counselors and advisors via their graduating class Google Classroom. Ask students to show you their ICAPs. These plans give students the opportunity to map out their course schedules to assist in reaching their Career & College Readiness Goals.

2022-23 ICAP & Career Search Lessons by Class
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Senior Lesson - Preparing for Post-High School Options

Click on the YouScience Icon Below to get a video on how to explore Careers using this Career & College Search Website.

Freshman 23-24 Scheduling (Class of 2027)
MHS FLEX Program Video

Sophomore 23-24 Scheduling (Class of 2026)
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Junior 23-24 Scheduling (Class of 2025)
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Senior 23-24 Scheduling (Class of 2024)
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All Grade Levels: 
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